Submit Your Distance

How it Works

The Isolation Odyssey is an opportunity to explore the beautiful ski trails on your own over the course of a 3-week period, while following the current Public Health Order.


  • Submit your distance: When you're finished skiing your distance, submit your distance and time (optional) by clicking the button at the top of this page - bookmark this link for quick reference! 

  • Prizes! There will be a draw prize for each distance and category, with a maximum of one entry per distance skied. Only ski club members are eligible for prizes (membership perks!).

  • You can ski multiple distances over the course of the 3-week time frame.

  • Let's reach 1000kms skied by ski club members!

There are no supported checkpoints.
Bring what you need to stay hydrated, warm and safe!


  • Free for everyone - the club encourages everyone to get out and get active! But if you want your distance to be officially recognized and be eligible for the Perks down below you must be a ski club member!

  • Purchase your ski club membership here"What do I get for my membership?"

  • While there is no registration cost, donations are happily accepted. To donate, please send an e-transfer to with "donation" in the Memo section.

Members-Only Perks!

You gotta be a ski club member to get the perks!

  • Prize draws for each distance category.

  • Achievement posted to the LRNSC website.

  • Certificate commemorating your achievement.

  • Purchase your ski club membership here"What do I get for my membership?"

U12 – all club skiers under 12 skiing the 2-km will get a prize. One U12 prize will be drawn for the 8km distance.

12 and up – 1 draw prize per distance 8-km and up. Name will be entered in each distance draw if completing more than one distance in the 3-week time frame. 

Distance & Trails​



Nut Point:


*All distances start/finish from the yellow gate:

  • 2 km:  Nut Point gate to the end of loop 3 and back. 

  • 8 km:  Nut Point gate to Checkpoint 1 and back. 

  • 16 km:  Nut Point gate to Checkpoint 2 and back. 

  • 30 km:  Nut Point gate to Checkpoint 3 and back on the Hornet Bay trail (classic only).

  • 32 km:  Nut Pont gate to Checkpoint 3 and back on main Saskaloppet Trail. 

  • 48 km:  Nut Point gate to the Summit clockwise and back. 

Don Allen:

*All distances start/finish at the 'timing booth' at the Don Allen stadium (little brown booth opposite the main chalet).

  • Midway Lake loop,10km: from the stadium out to Midway Lake and back.

  • Midway Lake loop,15km: from the stadium out to Midway Lake and back via the Summit.


  • Timing is on the honour system, with times measured from when you leave the yellow gate at Nut Point to when you return to the gate.

  • Timing is optional.  If you choose not to submit a time, records will simply indicate “no time recorded”.

Rules and Advice​

  1. Skiers must comply with all provincial COVID-19 regulations, especially those relating to physical distancing. 

  2. Skiers “ski at their own risk”.  

  3. Use of the warm-up cabins is discouraged (except for emergency situations) since the cabins are not being sanitized. 


Contact Sid Robinson or Gabe Andrews.