Sponsor: Robertson Trading LTD.

Bib Pick-up & Start Time

Bib pick-up: Friday March 6 @11:00am at The Legion

Race start: Friday March 6 @12:30pm at the Legion on the lake

52km Kupesewin Lite

Skiers travel 26km on Day 1 before reaching the overnight camp at "the Summit" check point.  Day 2 starts at 8:30am and skiers retrace their route home for a total distance of 52km.

77km Kupesewin Marathon & Sasquatch

Skiers travel 36km on Day 1 before stopping overnight at the Summit checkpoint.  Day 2 starts at 8:30am and skiers travel another 41km back home for a total distance of 77km.


All Skiers Must:

  • Be able to maintain an 8km/hr. average speed.  Skiers should only enter a Kupesewin event after building a strong, long distance training base.

  • Pack survival gear and personal gear.  Survival gear must contain: extra mitts/gloves, socks, matches, fire starter, small knife, cook pot (1L minimum) and 500g of high energy food. Personal gear should include food, tent (if using), sleeping bag, utensils, etc.


Kupesewin Marathon and Lite Skiers:

  • Can have up to two packs with a total combined weight of 15kg maximum.  These packs will be transported by volunteers to the Summit checkpoint.

Kupesewin Sasquatch Skiers:

  • Must carry of all of their own gear.  No maximum weight of packs but must include all mandatory survival gear noted above. 


Age Conditions:

  • Participants under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian for the entire event.

Course Map

Click here for the Saskaloppet course map.