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The La Ronge Nordic Race Team is a community sports team that trains cross-country skiers to race. The 2020/2021 Race Team coaches are Jody Laliberte and Gabe Andrews, along with many helping hands.


  • Enjoy the company of other skiers, from beginners to old hands in friendly competition locally, provincially, and nationally

  • Access top-notch cross-country ski competition training and support as a member of our race team

  • Improve your skiing through advanced skills and technique development

  • Discounts on ski equipment and event registration fee.

Team Practices (November - March):

Wednesdays, 7:15-8:00 pm, Nut Point
Sundays, 2:00-3:30 pm, Don Allen trails



  1. All racers must be members of the La Ronge Ski Club and must have a Cross Country Saskatchewan competitor’s license.

  2. It is expected that Race Team members will have attended Jackrabbits and have learned classic and skate skiing skills.  Younger members will be expected to continue in the Jackrabbit program until they pass all levels, and be accompanied by an adult on skis at each practice until they are old enough to keep up with the group and look after themselves, and their gear.

  3. Members must train and race in both techniques, so they need equipment for both classic and free technique.


Race preparation:



The La Ronge Nordic Race Team exists to provide the opportunity for both young skiers (with suggested minimum starting age of 8 years old,) and older skiers to:

  1. Gain the skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to race competitively and to have cross country skiing as a lifelong activity.

  2. Gain fitness and ski technique, that will allow them to compete in both sprint and distance races.

  3. Learn to have fun on skis and enjoy the sport of cross country skiing in all its forms, in all conditions.

  4. Learn to race in a team environment where skiers encourage and help each other and are always positive in their comments.

  5. Learn to dress appropriately, and stay active, so that they can enjoy all weather conditions.

  6. Appreciate the volunteers that make ski training and racing possible.

  7. Engage in a family-friendly sports activity where parents and guardians play a key role in team support.


La Ronge Nordic Race Team members are expected to:

  1.  Like being outdoors in all weather conditions.

  2. Work to improve their xc skiing and racing abilities.

  3. Work to improve fitness by doing regular exercise and training year round, and at least 4x a week.

  4. Be punctual and attentive when attending ski practices and race events.

  5. Be respectful to coaches and race organizers and volunteers.

  6. Support fellow team members at all times.

  7. Support the Sask Cup Race Series as much as possible.

  8. Have a “never give up” attitude and always start and finish every race entered.

  9. Never complain or make excuses and always have a positive attitude.

  10. Wear the La Ronge Nordic race suit at races, and keep the suit in good condition, and return it in March to the Race Suit Coordinator, as it is the property of the LRN race team.


Race team membership is included in the general club membership. Click here to register for a ski club membership online. 


Contact Jody Laliberte (Head Coach)

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