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Trail & Facility Maintenance

Trail and facility maintenance happens all year round and you don't have to be a skiier (we actually prefer you're not!).  Do you love riding your snowmachine, handling a chainsaw, general carpentry, then the club could use your skills!

Kids Coach or Helper

The popular Jackrabbits program is always looking for coaches and helpers. If you can do the hokey pokey on snow, you're hired! (plus a criminal record check :) )

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Club Executive

It takes a well-oiled team to run the club.  The club has lots of fulfilling positions such as: Recreation Coordinator, Trails Coordinator, Jackrabbits Coordinator, and even President of the whole dang club!

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Event Volunteer

The club organizes or hosts a number of events throughout the season that could always use an extra hand, whether it's for the club's TGIF, Solstice Ski to the Summit, SaskaCup races, the Saskaloppet and more.

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